Simon Patterson



Simon joined the Board in December 2018.

A former student at Sunderland College, Simon is now a Director at Julius Baer International, who he joined in 2017 as a founding member of their UK regional business.  Simon previously spent seven years at a UK private bank, where he was responsible for managing and advising family groups, trusts and charities based in the North East, including leading their North East Charities practice.

Before that he spent 10 years at a top 25 UK law firm advising families on their wealth management needs. Simon holds a degree in Financial Services Management, and is qualified as a Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager.  He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (Chartered FCSI) and also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (FPFS).

I am proud of my Sunderland and North East roots. I studied my A-Levels at the college and believe education is vitally important. Personally I want to give back, and supporting the college is supporting both passions.

To leave things better than I found them! The college is aspirational and going through such an exciting phase – I hope to be a small cog in the machine!

I had a few when I was at the college I kept multiple jobs, weekend dish washer at Clays Garden Centre, worked in the club shop at SAFC on match days, and as a glass collector in the Vestry in the town centre. Then I worked London Electricity on outbound gas bill collections 5-9 Monday Friday and then 16 hours a week at Littlewoods call centre around my studies!

Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots – in a sports era where the draft system is designed to keep teams balanced, he has kept his team dominant and on top for over 20 years, through great man management, leadership and continuous learning and evolution.

I loved A-Level business studies – such a broad topic but it really resonated with me and that interest and passion about businesses remains to this day.

We live in a society where we are expected to do more with less, social media pressures and demands and the expectations of responding immediately to an e-mail. We live in an area which has higher unemployment and sadly less opportunities, so our students have to cope with both this environment and the world we live in. You then add in studies in this context and the students are doing a fantastic job, as shown by the consistent great results and outcomes.

I like to keep fit and a keen 5 a side player. Jack of all trades, master of none!

Two ears one mouth, use them in this proportion… It is easy to be professional when you are having a good day, to be consistent and be professional you have to keep the same standards when you are having a bad day. No risk it, no biscuit!

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