Ralph Saelzer



Ralph was appointed to the Board in October 2012 and is the Managing Director of Liebherr Sunderland Works Ltd.  Ralph holds a number of voluntary positions and is also a member of the Sunderland Business Group.

I am passionate about esp. apprenticeship agenda and being a governor gives the opportunity to hopefully assist the college in delivering an outstanding service for the benefit of the learners.

To assist in delivering an outstanding environment for learners. This also based upon my background as business leader.

Next to helping out at our farm and earning some monies by doing the paper round my first ‘real’ job was joining the German merchant navy as a cadet.

I was growing up in the age of the space race and Frank Borman was the astronaut who inspired me most at the time, with him being commander of the Apollo 8 flight around the moon. And when it is about leadership, there is one outstanding personality: Sir Ernest Shackleton.

I could imagine one of the present reality or pop stars. The University of Sunderland therefore made a brilliant appointment with Emeli Sande as Chancellor, what a personality and inspiration.

At secondary school in Germany our form and German teacher, he taught us values and to question things and to be careful with what we were stating, not just expressing assertions/allegations but to substantiate and reason what you are stating.

Reading, cycling (touring, long distances), hiking, SAFC football club and last but anything but least spending time with the grand children.

There are two actually: Firstly, by my first captain as cadet, it was about appearance: stand upright – don’t slouch your shoulders. Secondly, from the teacher I mentioned before: don’t have regrets. It was you choosing the path you are on. When there were options you probably were not prepared ‘to pay the price’ for taking the different one. Hence don’t complain in hindsight.

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