Louise Bradford



Louise joined the board in December 2019.

As a former student, I have a real affection for Sunderland College and fond memories of my time there. I am passionate about social mobility and ensuring that people like me – who come from an ordinary working-class background – have the chance to access life changing education that enables them to achieve more.

I hope to support the college to move towards an Ofsted Outstanding rating, something I think it is absolutely capable of being. A critical friend, to support, share knowledge and challenge in equal measure.

I was a Customer Manager, in an insurance business while I was at university.

My mam and dad.

My mam was a business owner while I was growing up, and inspired me to be my own boss.  My dad used to tell me stories then I was little about the power of believing in yourself, and how you can achieve absolutely anything if you do.  They’re stories I will tell to my son as he gets older, as I hope they inspire him, as they did me.

Every person will be inspired by someone different – whether it is close to home, like a family member; their tutor at college; or even a business person or celebrity. Whoever their inspiration is, the key thing is that every student understands that they have the power to achieve just as much, and may well be inspiring someone else on their own journey.

I had a primary school teacher called Mrs Burton. She made me fall in love with words – she’d read books and put on accents for the different characters, so you really imagined what they were like…. I think she helped me understand how words – put together in the right way – can create powerful pictures in people’s minds and as my job is – in no small part – about writing, that’s stayed with me.

I think we live in a very competitive world and that can make people compare themselves to their peers rather than focus on their own achievements and abilities. Everyone’s different, and college is a place where people should discover that and grow in confidence.

I spend my free-time with my family – I have a gorgeous, but very demanding little boy, who keeps me busy!

Don’t compare yourself with others, for there are always greater and lesser people than you.

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