Our Governing Body

Governance structure

The structure consists of the Board of the Corporation (minimum of ten members) and six sub-committees:

  • Audit Committee (4 members) is responsible for advising the Corporation Board on the adequacy and effectiveness of the College’s audit arrangements and risk management and control.
  • Finance, Resources & Projects Committee (8 members) is responsible for advising the Corporation Board on the financial position of the College including the solvency of the institution and the safeguarding of its assets, estate and resource matters.
  • Governance Committee (6 members) is responsible for advising the Corporation Board on all aspects of corporate governance including membership, governor training and self-assessment.
  • Northumberland Local Governing Board and Sunderland Local Governing Board (up to 15 members each) are responsible for ensuring the mission, vision, values and key strategic priorities for the College are being met by the local college.
  • Northumberland College Education Quality & Innovation Committee (7 members) is responsible for supporting the quality improvement and change programmes to deliver a quality education.

Rob Lawson (Chair), John Barnett, Derek Cogle, Jill Colbert, Pam Dawson, Louise Doyle, Cllr Louise Farthing, Julia Fox, Leah Finnigan (SU President), Jeff Hope, Sue Houston, Paul McEldon, Lyndsey O'Leary, Susan Pollard (Staff Governor), Alison Shaw, Jacqueline Steed, James Stuart, Ellen Thinnesen (Chief Executive).

Lyndsey O'Leary (Chair)Cllr Louise FarthingCatherine MagogDavid Towns 

Paul McEldon (Chair), Richard Dale (co-opted), Andrew Ferguson, Julia Fox, Rob Lawson, Simon Patterson (Vice-Chair), Neil Salvesen, Jacqueline Steed, Ellen Thinnesen (CE)

Rob Lawson (Chair), John Barnett, Jeff Hope, Paul McEldon, Lyndsey O'Leary, Ellen Thinnesen (CE)

Jeff Hope (Chair), Alison Shaw (Vice Chair), Ian Brown, Louise Doyle, Andrew Ferguson, Nigel Harrett (Principal), John Holmes, Chris Jones,  Neil Salvesen, David Towns, HE and FE Student Governors (Recruiting now), Staff Governor (Recruiting now). 

Alison Shaw (Chair), Ian Brown, Nigel Harrett (Principal), John Holmes, Chris Jones, Ellen Thinnesen (CE)

John Barnett (Chair), Jill Colbert (Vice Chair), Louise Bradford, Hannah Matterson, Lawrence Nixon, Simon Patterson, K Ramanathas, Toni Rhodes (Principal), HE Student (Recruiting now), FE Student (Recruiting now) & Helen Willey (Staff)

Calendar of Meetings

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Scheme of Delegation

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