Get involved with placement opportunities:

Our motivated students can provide a pool of untapped talent for your business. Placement opportunities can also help to develop your own staff’s mentoring skills and boost morale.

Industry placements are part of the government's reforms to technical education aimed at boosting productivity and giving young people the skills your business needs.

Short placements from a week, to one day per week.

Take on a 45-day T Level placement student.

Frequently asked questions:

T-Levels give young people the skills and knowledge they need to get a head start in their chosen career and support businesses, like yours.

One of our talented students will be invited to work for you for around 45 days. During this time they will develop skills and build their confidence levels. Placement times can be arranged to suit your business needs.

  • A placement student will help nurture and develop talent
  • Cost-effective recruitment for entry level jobs and potential progression to an apprenticeship
  • Bring in people with new ideas and skills
  • Upskill your staff with the chance to mentor a young person
  • Provide you with extra staffing resource

Apprenticeships are jobs with training, for young people who are ready to work.  An apprentice would spend around 80% of their time working and 20% studying.

T-Levels are for young people who want to continue to study and have the opportunity to gain significant industry experience through their placement.  They will all undergo employability training before they start.

School work experience is typically 1 or 2 weeks.

T-Levels launch at Sunderland College and Hartlepool Sixth Form in September 2021, so we are working with employers who are interested in taking on a placement student now.

Ideally, we want you to help design a placement that will both benefit your business and teach your placement student the skills you look for in an employee.

Their work environment must be safe.  The student must also have a manager to support them throughout their placement and to complete appraisals of their work.

You'll receive support at each step of the process.  From making sure that the right student is matched to your business needs, to checking that they are making a valued contribution throughout their time.


There is no legal requirement or expectation that the student will be paid. A placement is a compulsory part of their course.  You may choose to pay a student, if you wish.

The college has access to find and may be able to help with upfront costs like providing protective clothing, DBS checks or specialist equipment.

To find out more about getting involved with T-Level placements, contact us, one of our Business Development Team will be in touch to advise.

What our employers say:

Ashleigh Coombes, Admin and Customer Services Manager at Tolent Living

Tolent believes in investing in the future of construction and this hasn’t changed with COVID-19. The industry has not stopped during the pandemic and Tolent continues to be awarded new schemes. 

“Therefore, we must continue to invest in the professionals of the future to ensure there is not a skills shortage. "

Benefits of industry placements:

Developing a cost-effective recruitment pipeline of talent for entry-level jobs

Building the skills and capacity of your business.

Having extra resources for day-to-day projects

Making a more diverse and creative workforce

Bringing in imaginative and new ideas

Giving your staff the opportunity to upskill in coaching and mentoring new people.

Providing a positive experience for a local young person.