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    We currently have more than 1,400 apprentices on programme, across the business community.

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    We work with over 600 employers across the region to upskills their workforce through apprenticeships.

  • 98%

    98% of our employers agreed that the training delivered by the College had a positive impact on their business.

Why hire an apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way for any business to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.  There are many benefits to taking on an apprentice, including:

Grow your own talent

By tailoring the training to your business needs, you can grow your own talent and fill a skills gap efficiently.

New energy

An apprentice is motivated and eager to learn and can bring a new energy to your business, which will have a positive effect on existing staff.

Make a real difference

An apprentice is making a contribution to your workplace while they are learning and gaining skills on-the-job. They can add value to your business as soon as they start.

Discover new talent

If you’re looking for a school leaver with real potential, you can choose the right apprentice for your business from a pool of un-tapped talent.

Motivated staff

Apprenticeships are a great way to motivate your existing staff by investing in their development and supporting them in gaining industry specific skills and national recognised qualifications.  

Develop a workforce for the future

Training apprentices can provide you with a skilled workforce for the future and can be much more cost-effective than hiring experienced staff.

Fresh ideas

Apprentices can bring fresh new ideas to your business and keep your business up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology - increasing your competitiveness, innovation and productivity.

A real asset

Employing an apprentice can be a real asset to your existing workforce and can support them with their day-to-day workload.

Key apprenticeship facts

The minimum wage for an apprentice of any age is £4.15 per hour

If you employ an apprentice age 16 to 18, you will qualify for a £1,000 Age Incentive Grant (we will process the grant on your behalf and complete all the paperwork).

If you employ an apprentice age 16 to 18 and have less than 50 employees, the Government will pay the full cost of training your apprentice.

If you take on an Apprentice age 19 years or over, the Government will pay 95% of the cost of training your apprentice.

Apprenticeship funding can also be used to train your existing staff.

Not all apprentices are inexperienced. An apprentice can be someone who has previously studied at college and gained sector knowledge.

Ashford Orthodontics Ltd

“Sunderland College is supportive at every level, from recruitment through to study support to both the apprentice and the employer, and this is invaluable in us developing the apprentices. ”

Sean Thompson

Managing Director