CEO Briefing: 16 March 2020

The college is open and intends to remain so unless national or public health guidance dictates that we need to close. However, we are putting every measure in place to ensure business continuity. I want to take this opportunity to communicate some highlights to reassure you.

Simple things we are asking staff and students to continue to do:

  1. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Cover your coughs and sneezes with the bend of the elbow or with a tissue.
  3. Minimise physical contact with other people.
  4. Stay hydrated and healthy with a good diet, and keep spaces well ventilated.
  5. Use pre-packaged prepared food and minimise use of re-usable cups and utensils.

What is the college doing?

  1. We have a COVID-19 Response Group and we are preparing plans for every eventuality.  This group is currently meeting daily, with risks being identified and actions put in place.
  2. Leadership Group has convened to ensure there is a clear understanding of our risks and how we as a college will be mitigating against them.
  3. We are sending regular briefings from People & Development containing important information and updates.

Key actions that have already taken place:

  • Placements are in the process of being postponed and we are reviewing our approach to apprenticeship off the job training;
  • We are finalising measures to ensure that payroll and key processes can continue to run, should we need to operate remotely.
  • We are limiting staff movement to external meetings, other campuses and unnecessary contact.

We will only close a campus, a college or a full group shut-down if we are instructed to do so by Public Health England or the Government, who we are in regular contact with.

We will continue to remain calm and act with a common sense approach in all of our actions, and support and prioritise our students and their learning.